NJ Custom Industrial Automation Integrator

We develop purpose-built flexible automation solutions.

Our custom approach means we can create a solution that fits your unique business. We take the time to understand your business and requirements before we start thinking about the solution. We offer:

Robot Integration

● Seamless incorporation of robots and machines to improve your existing assembly or QC process

Benchtop Semi-Automatic Machines

● Single purpose, operator
tended equipment

Custom Standalone Machines

● Single or multi-process
● Allows for a repeatable process
for critical and precision operations

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Universal Robots Collaborative Robot Arm UR5 with Custom Fixtures
Universal Robots UR-3 Series

We are an industrial automation solutions provider with roots in Research and Development. We actively seek out automation challenges beyond simple robot integration.

We enjoy nuanced applications that require creative custom solutions. Our specialty is automation involving data acquisition or integration of existing proprietary equipment.


  • Precision dosing and dispensing of viscous materials
  • Material handling applications
  • Precision research and development testing operations
  • Automated product testing or calibration device

Key Benefits

Optimize Quality

Control your processes with
numerical precision via touch
screen controls.

Maximize Speed

Simplify challenging, repetitive
tasks. Reduce training time

Reduce Waste

Lower scrap rate and material
waste via precision metering
and process tuning.

Purpose-Built Solutions for All Your Industrial Needs

Whether you need help integrating a collaborative robot to improve efficiency or need a completely custom workcell, we can help.

We Make the Most Complex
Automation Challenges Possible

Industries we have worked with:

  • Aerospace
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Personal Care Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Precision Instrumentation
  • Scientific Research Labs
  • Standardized Testing Equipment
  • Manufacturing

How We Work

  • Understand the Application
    We meet with our clients to understand their automation objectives and develop custom solutions that provide the best return on investment
  • Study the Process
    We assess our client’s current manufacturing processes and materials to learn the challenges driving their automation efforts.
  • Concept Development
    We compile the key elements of the automated solution, identify any risks and challenges, and provide a budgetary quote and lead times so you can move forward with your project as quickly as possible
  • Feasibility Study
    This helps prove out design concepts and allows us to provide a more accurate budget and timing estimates.
  • Final Proposal
    Once the concept development and feasibility study phases are complete, we provide a detailed statement of work, including a phased approach to the final design.
  • Design and Engineering
    By this time, most of the design work is roughed out. We complete the design process and review it with the customer to ensure they are happy with its direction.
  • Assembly and Testing
    We complete the build of the system and conduct rigorous stress tests using customer-supplied materials.
  • Documentation and Certifications
    We provide user manuals and other required technical certifications, ensuring that our clients can operate and maintain the system with ease.
  • Final Install and Training
    We install the automated solution to the customer’s factory site for acceptance testing and operator training. This allows us to ensure that the system is ready for use and that our clients are comfortable with how to operate it.

We Think Past Your Present Systems

Companies looking to automate for the first time are often attracted to the easy integration of collaborative robot arms like the UR series, but may be better served by a purpose-built automated work cell, depending on the application. Working with an experienced custom automation integrator is important to get the most out of our investment.

We don’t just “integrate” collaborative robots or custom equipment. We think about your process and what you are really trying to achieve with automation. We custom design and engineer solutions.

What Clients Are Saying

“We were all very impressed with the quality of the work you demonstrated.”

Robert, Senior Research Associate

“What you provided in this short amount of time has far exceeded my expectations of what was possible. I am thrilled. Our jar filling speed improved by 500%, and process loss was down 67% compared to filling by hand!”

Kurt, Research and Development Engineer


Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your industrial automation needs. We think outside the box and can provide custom solutions to improve your efficiency and bottom line.

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