Product Design
& Conceptualization

When we meet with companies developing new technology, we seek to understand what makes their product exciting and who they are trying to reach. Will the product be kept in a dark, wet corner of a factory? Will it be the eye-catching centerpiece in a newly commissioned research laboratory?

Often, we find that diverse research teams creating new technology platforms are so focused on solving the technical problems at hand that they have not given much thought to the final appearance of the instrument. This is where we get busy.

After collecting all known technical requirements, we create conceptual artwork showing potential forms their product could take. We hold as many design reviews as needed to refine the team’s vision and choose a direction that generates the most enthusiasm. We encourage product development teams to share the concepts and get as much feedback as possible from their potential end users.

Product Prototyping

Due to our focus on the precision instrumentation market, we have found that product prototyping often involves precision CNC machining. For this reason, alongside our Stereolithography (SLA) and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printers, we have added industrial CNC machining centers for cutting and shaping metal, programmed and operated by highly experienced prototyping staff. By investing in this equipment and personnel, we can test precision mechanisms with a speed and success rate not possible otherwise. This in-house precision prototyping capability is key to our success as a precision instrument product development team.

Pre-Production Manufacturing
and Project Management

We do not stop at conceptual and prototyping work. We have found that our most successful design projects included a pre-production manufacturing stage. In this stage, we create all necessary mechanical engineering documentation for manufacturing the new design. We then manage all sourcing, assembly, and fabrication activities required to create a limited manufacturing run, from 1- 10 units, or whatever is needed. The pre-production step allows us to discover and resolve any quality or design issues ahead of full – scale production efforts. In cases where the product will eventually be assembled at an overseas site, a stateside pre-production run is especially valuable. We have found that this step drastically reduces downstream manufacturing issues and has the side benefit of providing fully functional product samples for early market feedback.

Marketing Services

Artwork for packaging and marketing can make or break a product launch. We work closely with our clients to help define the product’s brand. Small details in this phase are critical. Our graphic designers are experts at communicating the correct message to the end user, from packing design to quick start guides and online instructional information. We would love to hear about your project!

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