At Zaic Design, we leverage our foundational expertise in engineering and problem-solving to deliver superior automation integration solutions. Specializing in crafting bespoke automation systems, we develop enhancements that integrate seamlessly into our clients’ operations. Our strength lies in applying rigorous technical methodologies, honed over years of product engineering, to provide solutions to the most challenging automation requirements.

Our collaborative approach allows us to partner closely with clients in technically demanding sectors such as aerospace, consumer electronics, and medical devices, addressing their complex automation challenges. We deliver solutions that combine state-of-the-art robotics, custom-engineered precision standalone machines, automated work cells, and advanced material handling systems to enhance efficiency and scalability.

Zaic Design’s commitment to precision is evident in our extensive experience in areas such as optical engineering, sensor design, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, and advanced precision metering, enabling us to develop solutions that exceed the rigorous standards required by our partners. Our product development heritage brings your custom automation integration to the next level of quality. We have developed mass-market consumer products with integrated Bluetooth, custom software applications, as well as precision scientific instruments used in research labs around the world. This same expertise allows us to tackle intricate automation needs with solutions that enhance quality through precise, touchscreen-operated processes and achieve superior control over production tolerances.

Our dedication to innovation and excellence makes Zaic Design a strategic partner for companies aiming to transform their manufacturing capabilities and gain a competitive edge in the global market.

What Clients are Saying

We highly recommend Zaic Design for their outstanding performance in engineering integration. Their team excelled in designing custom automation systems tailored to our unique manufacturing processes.

Throughout our collaboration, Zaic Design demonstrated a deep understanding of advanced technologies, including Fanuc robots and Keyence inspection equipment.

Their commitment to professionalism was evident in their meticulous documentation, thorough training of our operators, and consistent, timely updates. Partnering with Zaic Design has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency.

Cody | Continuous Improvement & Production Planning Manager

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Product Development

Our product development process begins by understanding the unique aspects of your product and its intended market. We consider every angle to ensure your product stands out, whether it’s front and center or operating behind the scenes.

We start with detailed technical assessments to create conceptual designs, presenting multiple aesthetic and functional possibilities. Our iterative design review process continues refining these concepts until they fully align with your vision.

When meeting with companies developing new technology, we seek to understand what makes their product exciting and who they are trying to reach. Is it a mass-market consumer product? Will the product be kept in a dark, wet corner of a factory, or will it be the eye-catching centerpiece in a newly commissioned research laboratory?

Often, we find that teams focused on technological innovation have not fully considered the final appearance of their products. This is where we excel. After collecting all known technical requirements, we create conceptual artwork to explore potential forms the product could take. We conduct as many design reviews as necessary to refine the team’s vision and choose a direction that generates the most enthusiasm.

Beyond aesthetics, our deep understanding of manufacturing realities ensures that the designs we develop are visually appealing, functional, and fully manufacturable at scale. We work closely with our clients throughout the product development process, from concept to production, ensuring every aspect of the product — aesthetic, functional, quality, cost-effectiveness, and manufacturability — aligns with their goals and requirements.

What Clients are Saying

“ Zaic Design has provided outstanding work for several of our flagship products – from conceptual design to deep-level mechanicals. They have consistently resolved very difficult engineering challenges with elegant solutions that meet design requirements and are satisfying to the end user. “

Brian | VP of Marketing

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In our pursuit of excellence within the precision instrumentation market, we recognize the indispensable role of advanced prototyping techniques. At Zaic Design, we employ precision CNC machining alongside cutting-edge Stereolithography (SLA) and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printing technologies. Our industrial arsenal includes state-of-the-art equipment such as the Haas VF-2 5 Axis and VF-0 Dual-Turret 4 Axis Machining Centers, complemented by precise Nakamura-Tome CNC lathes and specialized tools like our 80W Laser Engraver for detailed customizations.

The ability to develop product concepts and swiftly transition into prototyping in-house is a cornerstone of our service offering. This seamless integration of design and prototyping speeds up the iteration process, enabling our skilled team to refine prototypes quickly and efficiently based on real-time feedback. These tools, operated by our highly experienced prototyping staff, allow us to meticulously cut, shape, and engrave metals and other materials, ensuring each prototype meets our exacting standards.

This capacity for critical tests and refinements in-house is fundamental to our success, positioning us as a leader in product development. Through these advanced prototyping processes, we transform theoretical designs into tangible, high-performance products ready for real-world application.”

What Clients are Saying

“ We have used Zaic Design for a number of projects including a project for NASA. I find them to be very interactive with their experience and their design background, not just ‘Hey this is what you want and this is what you get’. I found that to be very helpful! “

Jim | Opto-Mechanical Engineer

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Project Management

We do not stop at conceptual and prototyping work. We have found that our most successful design projects include a pre-production manufacturing stage. In this critical phase, we create all necessary mechanical engineering documentation required for manufacturing the new design. We then manage all sourcing, assembly, and fabrication activities necessary to execute a limited manufacturing run, ranging from 1 to 10 units, or as needed. The pre-production step is crucial for identifying and resolving any quality or design issues before moving to full-scale production. For products destined for assembly at overseas sites, a stateside pre-production run proves particularly valuable. This step not only drastically reduces downstream manufacturing issues but also provides fully functional product samples for early market feedback.”

What Clients are Saying

“ Zaic Design offers a rare combination of artistic sensibility, mechanical design expertise, and overseas manufacturing experience, which has been an excellent fit for our needs. I recommend their design and engineering services without hesitation.

Tae | VP, R&D and Operations

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